Given the guidance that our city, state, and national government have given, we feel that we can safely meet in our sanctuary at this point. Our sanctuary was designed for nearly 500 people and our average attendance is 150 people. This means that we can meet with our entire congregation and our sanctuary will be less than 50% full. There is plenty of room to social distance.

We know that some people feel safe to move around and visit with others. We know that others feel it is best to stay home. During this time, we extend grace to everyone to follow their convictions and we don’t expect everyone to attend on Sunday. The Home Liturgy will continue to be offered for people that feel uncomfortable attending in person worship. We will also continue to post the sermons on our Youtube channel.

We want to help you be healthy and worship together.

Here is what you need to know about our services for the time being:

- We encourage you to wear a mask. 
- Individuals in at-risk health groups (including the elderly and sick) are encouraged to continue using the Home Liturgy and not attend in person.
- Parents are encouraged to use good judgment in bringing young children.
- The nursery will remain closed at this time.
- There will be someone opening doors.

While in the Sanctuary:

- Select an available seat while maintaining social distancing.
- Some rows will be roped off to help with social distancing.
- You may be asked to move seats to ensure proper social distancing for everyone.
- Some people might not be able to sit in their normal seat.
- Ushers are available to assist you in finding a seat.
- Tithes and offerings may be placed at the collection points placed in the narthex or you can give online.
- Bulletins with Scripture and Hymns will be provided.
- Hand sanitizer has been placed throughout the building (bathrooms, hall, and entrances).
- If you have any of the symptoms of COVID19, if you have been traveling, or have been exposed to the virus, please refrain from attending.
- No coffee or refreshments will be provided.
- If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. This is new territory for us and we don’t presume to have it all figured out!